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Once A Month Cooking

A community for Investment Cooking

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Name:Once a Month Cooking
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This community is for all that is related to 'Investment Cooking', or 'Once A Month Cooking'.

OAMC is based on the premise that bulk = cheaper. In general, a 20 pound sack of rice takes about the same amount of handling as a 10 pound sack of rice. Most of what you purchase is really the assembly, handling and shipping rather than the materials themselves.

Many people find that they can buy food in bulk, then cook up an entire month's worth of meals, freeze them in individual portions, and save vast amounts of money in their food budget.

This community is for people interested in, or who actively practice OAMC to share ideas, recipies, and any other related information whether you are vegan, vegetarian, carnivore, omnivore, or whatever.

This is not generally a community for photos or large posts. If you REALLY need to post a picture or more than a couple of paragraphs (or what would be paragraphs if you broke it up into them) then please use the lj-cut tag before the bulk of your post.

We don't plan on heavily moderating this community; however, we may make it more restrictive or even ban people who abuse the community. There should be no flame wars. If you have a problem, please contact joshdavis.

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